Cucumber BDD With Java, Jenkin, GIT

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About This Course

Cucumber BDD With Java, Jenkin, GIT
  • Updated course with Jenkins, GIT concepts on Jan 18th 2020 

Cucumber Content

·          Cucumber – Overview

·          Cucumber – Environment

·         Prerequisites for Environment

·         Setup

·         Configure

·         Cucumber with Maven

·         Cucumber – Gherkins

·         Cucumber – Junit Runner class creation and examples

·         Cucumber – Features

Feature       Files

Cucumber – Scenarios

Examples of creating scenarios on different applications

Converting manual test cases into scenarios

·         Steps Definitions

Generate step definition from TestRunner class

Generate step definition from chrome browser plugin

Generate step definition by writing our script

·         Integrating cucumber with Selenium

Examples of cucumber + Selenium scripts

·         How to create reusable steps

Examples in creating reusable steps and step definitions

·         Cucumber – Data Tables

Examples of creating data in data tables

·         Cucumber: Parameterization and passing multiple sets of data

Examples of data parameterization

·         Cucumber – Tags

·         Cucumber – Comments

·         Cucumber – Hooks

·         Cucumber – Reports

·         Framework creation

·         Integrating Appium with cucumber

Examples of executing scripts       on Android devices

Examples of executing scripts       on iPhone

Learning Objectives

You can handle interview on cucumber
You can work on any project on BDD


  • Basic idea on automation testing tools is morethan enough


23 Lessons4h 48m

Cucumber BDD and overview on its components

Overview on Cucumber and what we are going to study from this training3:20Preview
Introduction to BDD and Cucumber9:28
Overview on BDD, Cucumber and why selenium + cucumber14:25
Configuration of Cucumber Part 18:45
Configuration of Cucumber Part 214:38
Configuration of Cucumber Part 36:30
Overview on Gherkins and cucumber keywords14:59
Examples of creating scenarios10:14
overview on feature and step definitions11:23
Create feature file in eclipse editor00:12:12
Create step definition from test runner class14:43
Integration feature file with selenium code21:19
Integration feature file with Appium code9:43
Create step definition from chrome browser plugin and by writing our own14:28
Creating reusable steps and step definitions17:19
How to handle multiple sets of data – Part 123:43
How to execute specific test scenarios10:15
Overview on scenario outline and how to pass multiple sets of data23:09
Defining Pre conditions and post conditions – Part 114:53
Defining Pre conditions and post conditions – Part 210:11
Introduction to Jenkins11:52
Creating jobs in jenkins12:51
Overview on Cucumber videos6:20

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