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JMETER from Basics & Performance Engineering

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We are covering bunch of concepts in JMeter from basics till advanced with this knowledge you can easily clear your interview.



Course is updated on 21-07-2023 with Performance Engineering Concepts 


Module – I
1. Performance test life cycle (PTLC)
 Proof of concept (POC)
 Non Functional Requirements gathering (NFR)
 Test Stratagy /Test plan
 Work load model or Load Profiling
 Scripting
 Execution
 Analysis Reporting and recommendations


Module – II
2.Introduction to JMeter
 What is apache JMeter
 Apache JMeter Features
 Componets in JMeter
 Protocols supported by apache JMeter
 How to download apache JMeter
 How web application works
 How apache JMeter works
3.Pre-requisites to use JMeter
 Apache JMeter setup and installation
 JMeter directory structure
 How to launch Jmeter?
 What’s new in Jmeter 5.5?
 JMeter External Plug-ins Installation
 GUI mode and non GUI mode


4.JMeter UI and basic elements overview and Script Recording
 JMeter terminologies
 Recommendations / Best practices for JMeter Scripting
5.JMeter Protocols
 Web (Http/Html)
 Web services
 API Testing in Jmeter using (Post man)
 Jmeter Elements
o Test plan
o Threads (Users)
o Non – Test Elements
o Samplers
o Logic controllers
o Pre – Processors
o Post – Processors
o Config Elements
o Assertions
o Timers
o Listeners
o Test Fragment
6.Network Traffic Debugging Tools:
 BadBoy
 Fiddler
 Developer Tools (F12)
 Blazemeter
 HTTP Watch


7.Test Data Setup
 Test data setup using My SQL or Toad (Document Overview)
8.Data preparation tool
 VTS Server in Jmeter

Module – III
9.JMeter Distribution Testing
 Master Slave Configuration
 GUI and Non GUI Mode testing with different regions
10.Performance testing types
 Baseline
 Load test
 Stress test
 Endurance test
 Spike test
 Volume test
 Fail Over Test
 Capacity Test
 GIT and Jenkins


Module – IV
12.Analysis – Client side Analysis
 Summary Report
 Aggregate Report
 Running Vusers
 Hits per Resond
 Throughput
 Average Response times
13.Analysis – Server Side analysis
 CPU Utilization of servers
 Memory utilization
 Connection distribution over servers
 DB Utilizations

14.Monitoring tools
 PerfMon
 Appdynamics
 Dynatrace
 Grafana ( Influx DB)
15.Profiling tools
 Jprofiler/Jvisual VM
 Eclipse MAT
16.Bottle Necks
 Memory leakage
 Deak locks
 Load distribution


Learning Objectives

Overview on Performance Testing, Masters on Jmeter

Material Includes

  • Yes , we included all the material within the sessions itself

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to start their career in Performance Testing


73 Lessons64h 10m

Performance Testing Tutorial

Performance testing Introduction1:00:25Preview
Overview on JIRA & CONFLUENCE PAGE27:07Preview
Performance Testing Agile Methodology Jira1:13:12Preview
Overview on BUG LIFE CYCLE23:40Preview
Performance testing Defect life cycle Terminology1:31:58Preview
Why We need Performance Testing tools19:57
Performance Testing Project POC1:10:27
Performance Testing NFR Test Strategy OR Plan Differences1:02:49
Performance Testing Test Strategy1:11:54
Performance Testing Test Plan1:02:53
Performance Testing Work Load Model55:16
Jmeter Introduction1:11:47
Jmeter Installation1:10:33
Jmeter Plugin manager Test Plan1:12:29
Jmeter External Tools Installations scripting standards1:04:33
Jmeter Basic Script Recording1:37:22
Jmeter HTTP Test Script Recorder59:55
Jmeter Chrome browser recording1:13:36
Jmeter Script recording Part155:04
Jmeter Parameterization Config Elements Part256:50
Jmeter Parameterization Config elements Part31:00:04
Jmeter Config elements Part41:04:01
Jmeter JDBC Connection1:00:35
Jmeter Bolt FTP DNS Cache Manager1:45:14
Jmeter Practice Session1:11:47
Jmeter Samplers1:15:00
Jmeter Timers Part 150:03
Jmeter Timers Part 250:03
Jmeter Correlation Part11:13:12
Jmeter Correlation Part21:47:40
Jmeter Logic Controller Part 131:01
Jmeter Logic Controller Part228:56
Jmeter Groovy Scripting Part11:00:50
Jmeter Groovy Scripting Part21:08:35
Jmeter Groovy & JSR223 Processor29:10
Jmeter Bean shell Scripting54:16
Jmeter Bean Shell Scripting Part 221:47
Jmeter APITesting1:04:27
Jmeter APITesting Part 233:21
Jmeter Scripting Challenges1:38:44
Jmeter SOAP API8:35
Jmeter Scripting Challenges part 228:52
Jmeter Testing Types Test Design27:25
Jmeter Testing Types47:56
Jmeter work load modeling37:09
Jmeter Work load modeling Part254:42
Jmeter Distribution Testing35:35
Jmeter Work load modeling Part 319:37
Jmeter Dashboard Report Generation6:53
Jmeter Dashboard Report Generation6:53
Jmeter Work load modeling Part 458:13
Jmeter Garbage Collection28:38
Jmeter Heap Dump38:12
Jmeter Performance monitor Part126:48
Jmeter Performance monitor Part216:22
Jmeter Heap Dump Eclipse8:25
Jmeter Jenkins Integration37:40
Jmeter UI Performance Testing51:40
Jmeter Client side metrics47:51
Jmeter Dynatrace44:06
Jmeter Garbage Collection Part149:41
Jmeter Thread Dump Heap Dump47:47
Jmeter Thread Heap Dump GC Analysis40:37
Jmeter Final Document24:02
Interview Questions Part 11:14:15
Jmeter Grafana Promotheus Integration1:24:24
Jmeter Test Data Setup MySQL1:01:07

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Material Includes

  • Yes , we included all the material within the sessions itself
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