Selenium Webdriver using JAVA – English

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Selenium Webdriver using JAVA – English

This course is designed for complete beginners.

Course is updated on 02-01-2024 with below topics:

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 1

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 2

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 3

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 4

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 5

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 6

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 7

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 8

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 9

Selenium 4.X Page Factory Testng Framework Part 10


This Course is updated on 15th August 2023 with latest version of selenium components

This Course is updated on 23rd Feb 2023 with  course material section

Get started with Selenium using Java.

If you are a complete beginner on Selenium or Java, this course is perfect for you.

At the end of the training you will be in a position to handle any interviews on automation testing and easily crack interviews and handle any project on  automation.

Please find below list of topics that we are going to cover as part of this training program:


Intro to JAVA:


Variable, Data types





For,while,do while

continue, break



Access Modifiers


Main Method



Method overloading, overridding

Polymorphism, types of :

Static & dynamic binding not

Diff b/w abstract class n interface

Concerte class

Abstract Class



Super/ This

Final, Finally, finalize


Garbage Collection

Exception Handling Mechanism: C

type casting

Date class: in java 8

Java 8 concepts : FI, Lambda expression,

Collection API


wrapper classes

Input/Output files

Static & dynamic binding

Predefined packages in java

covert code into jar


Please find below detailed concepts which we are covering in  WebDriver:


40 plus unique scenarios

Capture screenshot(positive)

Page scroll down using Java script

HTML Unit Driver

Handling Multiple Windows

Implicit wait & Explicit wait

Handling Ajax Auto suggests

Handling web tables

Handling the automation of table data

Handling Test data in Excel sheet usinf JXL, POI files

Handling data from text file , XML file , CSV file

Generating test results and detailed Summary Report

Handling Alerts, unexpected Alerts, Browser windows, Application windows & pop-ups

Handling of multiple frames

Recording a video

Reading content on Image & PDF files

IsSelected Method.

Is displayed Method

Junit, Testng, Maven, Jenkins. GIT

Framework creation

Cucumber BDD

Page Object Model framework


How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium

Tools to identify elements/objects


IE Developer tools

Google Chrome Developer tools

Locating elements by ID

Finding elements by name

Finding elements by link text

Finding elements by XPath

Finding Elements by using CSS

Final Touch: Interview Point of View Discussion on Selenium concepts.

Learning Objectives

You can work on any project on Selenium using JAVA
Create automation tests with Selenium & Java
Use Jenkins for Continuous Integration
Use Git for version control
Plan, build and execute test automation with Selenium & JAVA


  • No Prior Coding Experience Needed!


80 Lessons21h 30m

Introduction to Core JAVA

JAVA configuration23:09Preview
Complete Course Material for this training program, please download attachments00:00:00
Overview on Variables , Data types with examples9:43
Create JAVA project and create variables25:41
Methods with examples14:41
Introduction to Object with examples19:51
Methods arguments with examples14:24
Method Return Statement with examples26:54
If conditions with examples14:13
For loops with examples & Overview on While loop29:24
While doubts & DoWhile , Switch & Nested Switch examples22:12
Inheritance with examples & Multiple Inheritance31:16
Overview on Packages13:09
Access Modifiers Part 125:26
Access Modifiers Part 2 & Constructor overview & Intro to Main method30:35
What is Overloading & Overriding23:40
Polymorphism, Abstraction, Abstract Class, Concrete Class28:14
Interface with examples17:42
Java 8 interface, FI, Lamda expression overview28:44
Lambda expressions with examples7:15
Overview on Static with examples20:54
This & Super keyword with examples20:31
Overview on Encapsulation, Wrapper Class & Type Casting14:34

WebDriver Concepts

Framework & Realtime Project

Selenium 4.X Cucumber BDD Page Factory TESTNG framework

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